DOM, Meet chef Alex Atala’s restaurant.

The restaurant D.O. M, which has its cuisine directed by the famous chef Alex Atala, located in the city of São Paulo near the famous Paulista Avenue, Augusta and Jardins, is a gourmet restaurant in which the chef rewrites his dishes with ingredients Contemporary and a great choice for those who want to taste a new palate during their stay in the city or even for the locals and lovers of a good restaurant and a more eccentric cuisine.

I Had the chance to be there again two weeks ago and as a big fan of the chef, I could not go with less than very high expectations. But It was nothing much more than simple.

The Restaurant has had its best days, has been in the first places on the list of the best 50 in the world, but despite not having ceased to be in it, today occupies the 30th place. And I quite understood why.

When you go to a gourmet restaurant, you create expectations, you want to feel your palate explode with the flavors and your eyes vibrate with the presentations, even more, when it comes to someone you worship and a place that, even changing position, has remained for years in the ranking of the best.

Dish of the restaurant DOM. Photo:

Dish of the restaurant DOM. Photo:

  1. Presentation

The table that was prepared for me was simple, glass, without any arrangements. As much as I didn’t really like the Assembly, I was well attended to. The Place is cozy and accommodates well people who go in groups.

As for the dishes, I say again that I missed something else in the presentation, that Cherry in the cake that changes everything and makes you split between taking a picture and framing it so well done and eating fast so good it should be. Left your wish!

2. Flavor

The D.O. M presents its tasting menu, my choice was the most complete that served 12 different dishes. I Felt that some of them were a little tasteless, also lacked an additional touch. But nothing that’s made my experience any worse.

Incoming I got an ant with Cachaça. Sabor was stunning, something very interesting and not seen every day. The second dish was tapioca tempura served with langoustine that I did not like very much.

A very tasty, however, lacked something in the presentation, the other, the inverse.

The other dishes I tasted were good, nothing too unusual, but I say again that the presentation of the dishes should be better.

I Believe that if they were simpler and more work, more explored the Brazilian root of the chef’s innovative cuisine, the experience would become what is expected: unique and authentic, more original and magical.

Juju Coelho Pinto With Chef Alex Atala in the kitchen of restaurant D.O.M

Juju Coelho Pinto With Chef Alex Atala in the kitchen of restaurant D.O.M

Yet I think only that it is a bad phase of the chef, as many others have had, and no doubt will pass. Alex Atala remains one of my most beloved chefs and I trust much of his potential as a professional, he is just not exploring and recognizing the background.

The Place does not cease to be good, is still highly acclaimed by Brazilian and foreign criticism and has great reviews on research sites, so be sure to know and have your own experience, maybe go even more than once and repair the changes that occur.

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