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Palácio de Versalhes.

Visit the city of Versailles in France

Most people directly link Versailles to the treaty that ended the First War or even the French Revolution that took place on the site. But do you really know Versailles and its history? Today I came here to tell a little about this great city that I visited during my last trip to France.

Versailles is a totally artificial city developed under King Louis XIV in 1664 so that it could be the seat of political power in France, and so it happened during the years 1682 and 1789, just after the city was the cradle of the French revolution that changed the whole history of the country.

It is because of all this political trajectory and ancient architecture that today the city is very visited by tourists from all over the world. The properties built there like the Palace where the court lived, the Trianon and the Domaine de Marie Antoinette, became visit points for history lovers and beautiful places.

It is good to know that if you want to get to know Versailles, it is not possible to take a leisurely stroll to appreciate all that is right in the city in less than a full day, so book 24H to have this experience.

Salão dos espelhos no Palácio de Versalhes.
Hall of mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. Photo: Google
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The Palace, which has 700 rooms, 67 stairs, 2,153 windows, 352 chimneys, 1,250 fireplaces and occupies an area of ​​700 hectares, is located three blocks from the Train Station of Versailles, which is one of the ways to reach the city. Today the place functions as a museum and is open for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

There you have access to the Royal Chapel, the immense apartments of the kings, the famous Gallery of Mirrors, among other explorable areas of the castle.

The Grand Trianon, as well as the castle, also has its restricted hours of operation from 9 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. It is more of a castle built by Luis, but this one has its architecture covered in pink marble and, unlike the other points that were made in the baroque style, this one has the influence of the Italian architecture.

Grand Trianon Versalhes.
Grand Trianon Versailles. Photo: Google
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A curiosity about the Trianon is that it was the stage of the second marriage of Napoleon Bonaparte.

And the third indispensable place in your visit to Versailles is the Domaine de Marie Antoinette, a mini castle, we can say, that was built for the queen to isolate herself for a while, avoiding the excitement. The Domaine is composed of the Petit Trianon, the gardens of the queen and the Hameau, which is a kind of mini private farm.

Hameau de la Reine, em Versalhes.
Hameau de la Reine, in Versailles. Photo: Google
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Besides these places, which are the most desired in the visits, you should also stroll through the gardens of Versailles designed by André Le Nôtre, the greatest landscaper of the French Baroque. The gardens have no restriction of day or time, you can roam freely by them.

Jardim do Palácio de Versalhes.
Garden of the Palace of Versailles. Photo: Google

As Versailles is vehemently large, it becomes tiring to do this walking tour, by the way, it must be almost impossible (rs). So I advise you to rent an electric car on arrival, they cost about thirty-two euros per hour and you can move around freely, but you need a driver’s license. If you prefer to avoid this stress, there are several tour companies that offer complete tours.

Do you like to know more about Versailles? Leave here in the comments what you most want to know and, if you have already, what is your favorite place. And if you are planning your next trip to France, count on us to put together a complete and personalized script for you. Just click here.


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