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Mur Mur Tulum

what makes a restaurant special? 
First is care, which comes from the raw material supplier, storage, team management and obviously the talent and creativity of the chef. 

Mur Mur restaurant in Tulum

In tulum among my top 5 restaurants is Mur Mur, whose cuisine is piloted by the chef Diego Hernandez Baquedano who, with his restaurant “Corazon de Tierra” in Baja California, was elected by Travel and Leisure magazine as one of the great stars of Mexican cuisine. In the years 2013,2014 and 2015, its cuisine was awarded among the 50 best in the world in Latin America by the famous “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” award. Once in Tulum be sure that u gonna stop there.

Juju Coelho at Mur Mur Restaurant in the city of Tulum wearing Colcci and Bota Animale dress and Dayane Bjoux accessories.

Every time I go I see myself delighted with the presentation of the dishes and the execution in every detail of the mix of flavors. 

Mur Mur restaurant in Tulum
Mur Mur restaurant in Tulum

Look: @colccioficial 
Accessories: @noluxobijuterias @dayannebijouxoficial 
Styling: Michelle Escobar 
Photography: @joelcarillet 

Deixem aqui as suas dicas e sugestões de lugares para comer na cidade de Tulum.