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Juju Coelho Pinto dá dicas de auto maquiagem.

The Perfect Auto Makeup Manual

On a day to day basis, there is usually no time to go every day to a salon or hire a professional makeup artist to come to your house and prepare your skin and makeup for the day. And, let’s face it, this idea of ​​just working with professionals is already behind us. Today there are several products and tips that help us produce well as if we had gone to the salon without leaving home. And I came here to give some tips that follow and work for my day by day.

Skin preparation

Preparação da pele para a maquiagem.
Preparation of skin for makeup. Photo: Google

Regardless of whether it is a makeup for the night or for the day, the preparation of the skin is indispensable and it goes from cleaning to the first.

The form that I consider most suitable to prepare the skin is to start by washing the face with soap, preferably liquid, suitable for your skin type and then gently wipe the face with cotton and micellar water, which already helps in moisturizing of the skin because it has toning function besides cleaning.

If it is a day, apply the moisturizer and after it the sunscreen, but pay attention: if your protector is without color, the primer comes after it, but if it has color, reverse the order. First moisturizer, then primer and finally the sunscreen that will already do the function of the base.

including the question of the primer also applies the basis. If your protector has color, there is no need to use base, but if it is colorless, bet on a bb cream, which has lighter and more natural coverage. And if you have dark circles or spots and if you bother with it apply a yellow concealer before the cream bb.

Even if it is a night production, there is no need for the protector, jump from the moisturizer to the primer and then apply the concealer and the perfect base for you, with the cover you need. Here you can also see more tips on how to make the perfect skin, but now we will follow to other topics.

There is a very intense doubt about the correct way to apply base and corrective, but it does not have so much secrecy. The concealer is applied by tapping, it can be with the fingers or brush, to have the desired coverage and do not remove the product from the skin. Already the base, you can apply with a beauty blender or a kabuki brush. Although several dermatologists indicate that the application is done with clean hands instead of brushes or applicators, when it comes to rushing and dressing alone they are salvation.


Técnica de esfumar a sombra.
Shadow shadow technique. Photo: Google

You can choose to do the eyes before or after the base. I, in particular, prefer to do it first, so as not to stain the skin already made. But if you choose to do it later, apply a good amount of loose powder under the eyes, so you can remove the excess shade that usually falls during the application.

For day to day, bet on shades of earthy, natural and opaque tones such as brown, nude and, depending on the occasion, you can wear a red shade, which is quite high. but if it’s night, bet on striking, stronger colors and, if you’re a fan, sparkle.

The most traditional combination for the night is the opaque brown background, with black smudge and glitter pigment on the movable eyelid.

And if you have doubts of application, splash! Without fear, take a very soft brush to apply and vanish the shadow in the correct way, leaving it more intense or natural according to what the occasion calls for.

The mascara is law, can’t leave without. But the eyeliner is optional, there are techniques for those who do not deal very well with the product, to make the outline effect with leftover or do, leave only on the mascara. Choose your ideal way to finalize and don’t be afraid to leave home like this.


Truque para aplicar o batom sem borrar.
Trick to apply the lipstick without erasing. Photo: Google

During the day today, I much more use lip balm, moisturizer or a more neutral lipstick, nude or pink well clear. The intention is to be as natural as possible, so there is not much secret. But for the night, it has a very neat trick to apply lipstick without erasing.

Make an X by connecting the high point of the lips with a line skirting the center of the bottom and just fill without leaving the lines. The design comes out perfect and without much work.


Finalização com Spray fixador.
Finish with Spray fixative. Photo: Google

To finish the make there are 4 essential steps. First apply powder on the T-area of ​​the face or on the points of greatest oiliness, compact if it is the day, but for the night the loose and translucent is the best option.

For the day, you can go from powder to bronzer or blush, it all depends on you. I really like to apply just the blush on a day to day basis, to give the skin healthy air. For the night, bronzer and blush are extremely necessary for a make of sweeping.

The illuminator, as we all know, is the passion of the moment. You can use the most natural during the day but also bet on the liquids and more intense for the night.

And the finishing touch is to use a spray makeup fixative, so everything stays in place. Just like the other products, there are the stiffer sprays and the lighter ones, everything will depend, again, on the occasion.

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