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Beach Zlatni Rat, Croatia. Photo: Google

Croatia: A little known place and many attractions

When we talk about traveling to Europe we soon come to head places like Italy, UK, Spain, France, and even Greece. But Croatia … what is this? The little known country has become one of the top destinations for those who love to know the world in recent years.

In Croatia, you will find historical sights, museums, trendy streets, as in any other country, but there are some details that make it a totally different and very fun place to meet. Here are some points and curiosities of Croatia that you can not miss on your trip!


Diocletian's Palace in the city of Split. Photo: Google

Diocletian’s Palace in the city of Split. Photo: Google

The famous Croatian townhouses a magnificent castle that today is one of the main tourist sights of the country. This is Diocletian’s Palace. The place was built in the sec. III and over time underwent some changes but became a place of extreme importance from the moment Emperor Diocletian lived his last days there.

Today it is an architectural landmark of the city and receives numerous tourists, both in its external and internal area.

The City of Split, in addition to housing this beautiful palace, is also the stage of the most popular nights in Croatia. La you will find many bars and nightclubs where tourists go to have fun, especially in the high season of summer.

Paradise Islands

Beach Zlatni Rat, Croatia. Photo: Google

Beach Zlatni Rat, Croatia. Photo: Google

If you are one of those travelers always looking for almost unseen paradisiacal places, you will love this country.

With breathtaking views from above, the Croatian islands and beaches are bathed by the Adriatic Sea with its unique feature of warm, calm waterfalls and stunning turquoise shade. There are tours and excursions that leave from the main cities of Croatia that take you to visit and know these places.


Dubrovnik, a medieval town in Croatia. Photo: Google

Dubrovnik, a medieval town in Croatia. Photo: Google

The small Croatian town is home to just over 40,000 residents and is one of the most visited by tourists, especially fans of the Game Of Thrones series, the closed channel HBO. It turns out that Dubrovnik is a historic city and never lost the medieval air. It really feels like being in the very distant past of today, when you enter the city surrounded by walls. It is for this reason that it was chosen as the recording stage of the series already mentioned here. It is well worth knowing.

Museum of Broken relationships

Museum of broken relationships, located in Zagreb. Photo: Google

Museum of broken relationships, located in Zagreb. Photo: Google

I could not end this post without mentioning one of the most unusual museums in the world: The Museum of Relationships Completed.

Located in Zagreb, the idea of ​​this museum is to house the most unusual objects of an amorous relationship that had an end, tragic or comic. Who started with this was the couple of artists Dražen Grubišić and Olinka Vištic, who at the end of their relationship decided to expose everything that reminded them of each other, as gifts and personal objects. Hence several former couples gave the museum their memories as well, which are exposed with small tickets explaining how such a relationship was. It is well worth checking out this attraction!

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