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Sketch Bar e Restaurante em Londres

Discover Sketch Bar & Restaurant, in London

For those who like “Instagram destinations”, The Sketch Bar & Restaurant in London is a great choice. Considered one of the most photogenic restaurants in the world, Sketch has 5 halls, including an art gallery, tea room, cafeteria, bar and restaurant.

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The famous bathroom of The Gallery hall.

The restaurant, created in 2002 by Mourad Mazouz, was designed to impress its visitors with its architecture, design, music, art and, of course, gastronomy. The place occupies two floors of the building that once housed Christian Dior’s atelier and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Each space was developed by designers and artists, who created unique works of art to integrate each one of the five halls. In addition, the restaurant has hosted over 50 exhibitions by various world-renowned artists.

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The Gallery. Source: Google

The Gallery, one of the most frequented lounges, serves tea and dinner. The room, all decorated in shades of pink, has works featured by artist David Shirgley on its walls and its decoration is inpired on the sixties’ architecture.

The Lecture Room & Library is Skecth’s most luxurious lounge, decorated with Swarovski crystals, inspired by the design of a jewelry box. With two Michelin stars, its menu, signed by chef Pierre Gagnaire, features dishes of unusual combinations and an extensive wine selection.

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The Lecture Room & Library. Source: Google

The Parlor has more intimate atmosphere and works all day long as a lounge, cafeteria and patisserie. The Glade lounge alludes to an enchanted forest with its romantic décor, serving breakfast, tea and cocktails.

The Glade lounge. Source: Google.

Lastly, The East Bar has the most modern decor and works as a bar, serving drinks with Djs to cheer up the visitors. It’s worth the visit!

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