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Magic Kingdom. Clique na imagem para comprar seu ticket pelo Get Your Guide.

Plan your trip to Orlando

The place that in the last century was just vacant land, today is the biggest destination of vacations around the world, especially Brazilians. And as the July holidays are coming, I’ve come here to help those who wish to see the world’s most famous parks in this period.

The first thing to know is that it is basically impossible to know all the parks, walk outside of them and really enjoy your trip in a few days, so prepare for a rather long journey of at least 20 days. Or, if you prefer to keep the trip shorter, for a priority trip of 7 to 10 days.

How to get to Orlando

Entrada na Walt Disney World.
Entrance to Walt Disney World. Photo: Google

It is important to know that you can make direct flights to Orlando from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, which I consider very good, but it is also possible to make connecting flights or go to Miami, making your trip in two parts, and from there go in a rental car to your final destination.

If you opt for connecting flights, go with non-US carriers, as this will only be done at the airport in Orlando. When you make your trip with an American company, immigration occurs in the connecting city, bringing more discomfort and fatigue to you that will have to re-dispatch your luggage.

Now, for what you decide to rent a car in Miami, schedule your trip with one more day at least, because in ANY chance you must arrive and already get behind the wheel. The trip lasts at least four hours on a road that will only make you want to sleep.

Things to Do in Orlando

there are three types of a trip to Orlando: Family with teenagers, family with children and with friends. And for each type, there are specific tours that should be a priority in your itinerary.

When it comes to traveling with family, having one or more teens, take advantage of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Sea World, and Universal parks. These are the main points of your trip, but remember to organize yourself well, especially if you want to shop in the city. I suggest taking a day out to do each thing, and except when it’s Universal that you can reconcile with a visit to the Islands of Adventure, skip each park at once.

Magic Kingdom. Clique na imagem para comprar seu ticket pelo Get Your Guide.
Magic Kingdom. Click the image to buy your ticket by Get Your Guide.

If you have at least one child in your family group, be prepared to tailor this itinerary to it. Kids tire more easily and do not like extreme adventures (rs), but they sure want to take pictures with all their favorite characters. So book a lot of patience and encouragement to visit the Magic Kingdom in two days, the first day part one and in the second part two of the park and Legoland. Apart from these days, book a day to visit Hollywood Studios and a water park. In the middle of the year, the temperatures reach 30 ° C, so a water park is a law.

But if your trip is between friends, we can count on radical adventures guaranteed, right? That’s why I suggest getting to know Universal Park in two days, so you can go on all the toys and book the other days one to go to Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Sea World and Busch Gardens. Remembering that it is also worth taking a day to shop!

Sea World Orlando. Clique na imagem para comprar seu ticket pelo Get Your Guide.
Sea World Orlando. Click the image to buy your ticket by Get Your Guide.

Still, is it hard to put together your entire script alone? Calm, now sets up a personalized itinerary according to your profile and budget so you can travel more quietly to Orlando. Click here to learn more!

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Inverno em Orlando.

When to go to Orlando

From the series: Planning your trip to Orlando, this post will tell you the best times to go to the city of amusement parks!

Again I will say that famous phrase, and much said here: it all depends on you. Orlando is the same place, with the same parks all year round. Whether it’s low or high temperatures, parks open and people have fun. Setting the best time for you to travel to the location will depend on what you are looking for.

In my opinion, the summer is the highlight, the months of June to August are very trendy and make the best of your stay at a Disney resort and in the water parks.

Toy Story Land durante verão em Orlando. Foto: Google
Toy Story Land during summer in Orlando. Photo: Google

But if you want to enjoy relatively high temperatures in a calmer period, it is best to go during the spring, March through May. Even with the Spring Break, which takes many Americans to the parks, it is possible to enjoy the park with fewer tourists.

Think of March as just Americans crowding the parks, in July, for example, are people and families taking vacations from all over the world.

Now if your intention is to have the park almost exclusively for you, go during the end of winter or fall, January / February and October / November. In January and February, the park is very empty, everything is in a quieter flow, but that means maximum temperatures of 20ºC. Already in October, the temperatures are still high because of the end of summer and November the temperature drops to warn that the winter is coming.

If only watch the Thanksgiving holiday, at the end of November. The big city on this holiday.

Natal na Disney.
Christmas at Disney. Photo: Google

Spending Christmas at Disney is your dream? So get ready for crowded parks, but live compensation for a fairy tale. December in Orlando is the month that brings maximum stocking to the city, but it’s certainly worth it.

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Entrada na Walt Disney World.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Staying at a Disney Hotel

We already talked about going to Orlando during the holiday season of the middle of the year, the long-awaited American summer. But what about the stay? Where to stay? Should I stay at one of the Disney Hotels? Should I stay outside the complex? I came here today to take these doubts and show the advantages and disadvantages of being at a Disney Resort.


Walt Disney Resorts, Orlando.
Walt Disney Resorts, Orlando. Photo: Google

The main advantage of being in one of the Disney hotels is for family travelers, especially with children. All the hotels in the complex are themed, that is, everything is personalized according to the universe of Disney movies and it is very common to find characters in the corridors and in the hall of the hotel. It is the joy of the little ones.

Another advantage is the Extra Magical Hours, overtime in Disney parks to have a more intimate moment, with the place more empty and automatically with less queue. These hours are set by the parks, each day is a different park and a different time, can be before the opening or after the normal working hours. It is worth organizing your park itinerary so that you can enjoy these hours every day.

One of the cool things is to be able to shop without worrying about carrying bags. That’s because those staying in one of the hotels in the complex can choose to receive their purchases directly in the room they are in.

For those who do not want to rent a car, free transportation is provided from Orlando Airport to the hotel, but it also has advantages for those who prefer to rent a car: Disney Resorts guests are entitled to free parking in the parks, which normally costs twenty-five dollars a day.


Estacionamento Magic Kingdom.
Parking Magic Kingdom. Photo: Google

Unfortunately, everything has its pros and cons and, in my view, the main cons of being at Disney Resorts is having to pay to park at the hotel. It’s as if one thing compares to another, at the same time that you do not pay parking in the parks you pay where you’re staying, so you end up going out for them, with no real advantage.

And also, the Disney hotel complex is very far from everything, from malls and supermarkets to the other parks in Orlando and usually, no one travels just to get to know the Disney parks, right?

We note that there are more advantages than disadvantages if we put it on a scale it pays a lot to stay in one of the Disney Resorts hotels, but I would advise not to spend your entire trip in one. Schedule to make all Disney parks in a continuous period and stay in one of these hotels during this period, I believe the essential is between 2 and 4 days.

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