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Juliana Coelho Pinto, better known as Juju Coelho, is from São Paulo and holds a degree in Administration and Photography from the University of Arts in Los Angeles. She has lived in London, California, Mexico City and Den Haag. With 30 years of age has traveled through more than 84 countries.Juju Coelho is an administrator, photographer, writer and advertising specialist in the luxury market. After working for a few years with marketing and branding in the fashion, gastronomy and hotel sectors, Juju Coelho decided to devote her full time travel, photography and writing articles about destinations and experiences where she traveled.The desire to know the world and express her way of seeing reality was present from her childhood where she had her first article published at age 12. Long before thinking about creating this blog Juju Coelho already had some dozens of photographic works and writings published in the most diverse communication vehicles. Splitting your impressions and tips with other travelers has always been something quite natural.Passionate about gastronomy, fashion, art and architecture found in jujucoelho.com a light, personal and good-humored way of dividing her adventures around the world. Looking to encourage and inspire your readers to know the incredible countries and places she’ve been through.