Former Brazilian ex girlfriend of the “Tinder swindler” – What are the psychological triggers used by Simon Leviev to try to scam me.

Hello, Hello!

As I promised, I’m going to start telling here that Hollywood stories and crimes are real.
And that during my journey through the world and “real perfect and instagrammable” life I was the victim of several crimes that I never had the courage to share with you.
For that reason I ask that you please have respect for me and don’t turn me into a circus clown or cheerleader in a bizarre gossip show.
I am a real girl, with real traumas and pains and that from today I will expose here all these dangers and my pains and stories with the purpose of helping other women to be alert through my experiences and to support themselves in my stories leaving fear and shame aside and seek professional help through NGOs that offer access to psychological and legal support and free shelter for women who have suffered some type of abuse.

So if it’s up to me not a woman in the world goes through this alone. I didn’t come here for gossip, but to ask for my purpose to be supported and to make a difference in the lives of many people to build a better society and maybe even a little more humane.
I just wish that all my traumas, pains, and experiences can, from today onwards, serve as a tool to alert, welcome and help other women.
And show that if we unite and support each other for a common good, all the darkness in the world can be transformed into light!
Today I will share with you my 2 years experience with the famous “Tinder Scam” and how I went to live with him in Israel for 2 months and finally how he possibly tried to scam me. I think it’s important that women reading my story pay attention to the capital letters, which are nothing more than trust tests and psychological triggers used by swindlers and abusive men to test their prey.

Juju Coelho the Brazilian ex-girlfriend of the “Tinder swindlerr”

Answering some questions I was asked on my Instagram. @Jujucoelhoblog

1 – How did you meet Shimu Hayut?
I met him at the NY airport, he introduced himself as Simon Leviev was super well dressed and was very polite to me at the end of our conversation he left me a business card and asked me to add him on what’s app. On his business card of the company lld diamonds was written Simon Leviev with the position of CEO of the company.

2 – How long were you together?
We stayed together for a few hours and then we kept in touch online and after a while we crossed paths in some other countries I was passing through and hung out a few times. He was always staying in luxury hotels and everywhere he was always surrounded by security and everyone referred to him as Simon Leviev. He always paid for everything, was very entertaining and extremely gentlemanly, polite and impeccably dressed.

3 – Did u guys lived live together?
Yes, in 2017 after a very traumatic and sad experience in my life Simon resurfaced as a prince to HELP and SUPPORT me. I was at a time of great emotional vulnerability and he invited me to spend time with him in Israel.
I accepted the invitation straight away, and he asked me how long I needed to get ready and get to the airport. I said I could go the next day or two and he answered me; – I asked you how many hours you need. I don’t want you to come tomorrow or the day after I want you to come now. “U ARE MY PRINCESS NOW AND I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU AND ALL YOUR NEEDS AND PROBLEMS.” But I want you to come NOW. Is two hours enough for you? I laughed and replied 4-5 hours. I found that attitude a little strange, but as he had an eccentric and boastful personality and always wanted everything right away, I ignored this sign. In less than 15 minutes he sent me a reservation number to go meet him. I found it even more strange because when I received the reservation I could not immediately check-in before leaving home and when I questioned he told me;You can go to the airport and don’t worry about anything that when you arrive at the airport your flight will be there. YOU DO NOT TRUST ME? So I took my bags and went. In less than 3 hours I was at the airport and he asked me to FaceTime him. When I started the video call he fought with me because I wasn’t in the VIP room retorting; – Didn’t you see that the ticket I sent you is executive? Why aren’t you in the VIP room? “U ARE MY PRINCESS NOW. I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, PLEASE CALL ME WHEN U ARE IN THE PLACE THAT YOU SHOULD BE”. As I didn’t want to go against him, I went to the VIP room even though the flight took a little less than 30 minutes. I FaceTimed Simon again and he said…’U SEE THIS IS YOUR PLACE IN LIFE,U SHOULD NEVER ACCEPT LESS. IF U TRUST ON ME LIKE U DID U WILL BE FOREVER MY PRINCESS AND I WILL BE ALWAYS HERE TO SUPPORT U”. We talked a little longer and then hung up. I think between the invitation, receiving the reservation and getting to the airport and boarding took less than 5 hours.
I was a little worried about immigration and he sent me an invitation letter and insisted that if I had any problems I just had to name him “Simon Leviev” and say that I was his guest as his family was very famous in Israel and immediately I wouldn’t find any other barrier.

4 – How did he receive you in Israel and where did he live?
When I arrived in Israel he directed me to the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel and said that he had an unforeseen event and had to go with some partners to Eliat but he would return the next day to receive me and asked me to go to the hotel check in and just say that I was Simon Leviev’s guest and that my room would be ready and whatever I needed from the hotel I just had to say his name and put it on his bill.
I thought it was kind of bizarre that he made so much effort to get me to leave Brazil in just a few hours and not be there to receive me. But I understood that unforeseen events happen and I didn’t say anything.
The next day we met for dinner and it was a lot of fun. He was always the perfect figure of a prince, extremely well dressed and starched gentleman, very fun, swashbuckling and spontaneous. ALWAYS EARS AND WILLING TO HELP ME AND OFFER HIS SHOULDER FRIEND.

5- Was he away for long periods or frequently?
Yes, during the day he would go to work and I would stay at the hotel, on the beach or out for a walk. We would meet for dinner and go to some parties together. Only on weekends he dedicated himself full time to always making me happy. We didn’t sleep in the same room very often either, he said his 190 square meter room was too small and he wanted to respect MY privacy. I also found this a little strange, but as I also like my space, I preferred not to say anything.

6 – How was his life in Israel? Did it really look like the life of a diamond prince?
Yes, did I mention that his suite on the roof of the 5-star hotel was 190 square meters? It was also the suite that politicians, Hollywoodians and important people stay in when they go to Israel. The Dan Tel Aviv according to him was the safest hotel in the country and the floor it was on has wide metal doors and lots of security for those staying there. Most obviously the 5 security guards who were part of his personal team. In the hotel garage he must have had at least 15 luxury cars like Lamborghini, some Ferraris, some Rolls Royce his favorites, Bulgatti, Maybach, Brabus, and Mercedes station wagons for his security guards. He only wore designer clothes, he had a huge collection of watches, glasses and belts. He was very vain too and thinks he even used more cosmetics to take care of himself than I did. A very curious fact is that he never walked without sunglasses. Not even when we were alone watching a movie, brushing our teeth or going into the sea. He said he had a problem with his eyesight and didn’t like to wear lenses and his Grail had not yet stabilized for laser surgery. He wore sunglasses even in intimate moments and when sleeping.

7 – When you were with him, did he introduce you to people from his social circle?
Yes, he lived surrounded by partners, artists and friends. Everyone referred to him as Simon, and they really did seem to have some real bond of friendship and society. We even went together to get a car from the Ferrari that he gave as a gift to one of his partners that I met. I really don’t know if those people were also being deceived or if they were part of a whole theater manipulated by him. I went to several family dinners with some of his partners and friends and everyone was very friendly, they always prayed before eating with the children and thanked them for the day they had. Simon also always liked to say a little prayer before he ate. Even he was very emotionally dependent and every day we didn’t sleep together he insisted that I go up to his room to have breakfast and help him choose the clothes he would wear. He always said that I was very elegant and wanted to help me to look elegant too and then he went to work and left me alone.

8- What was Simon’s personality like?
He was a real braggart, very partying, fun and engaging. I thought his fanfares and jokes were the stuff of heir mlk, since at the time he said he was only 23 years old.
I remember one day he came home from work and I was sad that I hadn’t seen that day there was the Chainsmokers concert. I’m also a party girl and I really like electronic music. How sad I was because I had missed the show of one of my favorite djs at the time Simon told me not to worry he would find a way to bring them to me. We went out to dinner and then went to a famous Club in Israel, all they knew Simon and he had many friends who reported to him in this way. A few minutes after we were seated in the cabin he looked at me and said; – I have a surprise for you, if you always trust me, you won’t have anything that will make you happy that I won’t be able to give you. And within minutes the Chainsmokers
were at our table. In a few hours we were all a little upset especially Simon who even left the club and arrived at the hotel in a wheelchair. But a fact that I found funny at the time is that at one point at the party I saw that the dj boys were wearing the staff shirt and sweeping the floor of the club and one of Simon’s security guards making a video for his Instagram. When I saw that, I said wow, what are they doing? Simon laughed behind his security guard and said he offered them a diamond to have this video on his Snapchat and added. There is nothing in the world that money can’t buy, $200,000.00 for them to be here today and one more diamond for them to sweep the floor in my snap chat. eccentric like that of many young boys and heirs.
Ahhh I forgot to mention that another of his unique eccentricities was always leaving the house with a small black velvet bag that contained 10 diamonds and carrying that bag like it was nothing wherever it went. (After all he was the prince of diamonds).

9- Why did your relationship end?
It ended because after a few weeks things started to get really dark and scary. It all started one day when I was in his room about to have lunch and he ran desperately kicking and throwing all the food and the table in the air. I was very scared, and he started to despair and also to despair saying that they were behind his and the hotel was no longer a safe place and that we had to flee at that moment so they wouldn’t kill us. We ran out to the car with our clothes on and without taking anything. He said that we were going to a safe place and he took me to the middle of the desert and even when we arrived in the desert they had some tanks and Simon managed to coerce them to escort us to flee from their enemies. At that moment I didn’t know if I felt more terrified or more secure, after all I was accompanied by what seemed to be the army of Israel and the prince of diamonds. We arrived at a somewhat obscure place in the middle of nowhere, there were some rabbis but Simon put me in a room and we spent the night there together, the next day he left and said he would sort things out to get me safely. He left me there alone for two nights with two security guards and no cell phone and passport. By the way, after a few days I arrived in Israel, he said it was safer for me to keep my passport along with his things in a more secure safe. In these two days I got really desperate and asked their security guards where we were and they didn’t answer me, they just said that Simon was taking care of my security and they would take me out of there in 1 or 2 days.

2 nights later his security said that now was a safe time and took me back to Tel Aviv Simon was still at the Dan Tel Aviv hotel and seemed very calm. When I saw him I started to cry and said I wanted to leave, he tried to calm me down and said he didn’t want me to go and even said that he had already solved the problem and that every day that I stayed from then on he would give me ” ONE DIAMOND A DAY”. I didn’t want to argue and thought it best to accept the proposal in peace, as I realized he wouldn’t let me go so easily and I started to think of ways to discreetly retrieve my passport that was kept in his safe without him noticing.

He seemed very happy that I was staying, and he was very excited to show me the apartment he bought. He even told me that the new apartment was a beautiful maximum security penthouse in a building in the heart of the Diamond District. That very afternoon he took me to see me and informed me that the apartment he had bought belonged to the most famous singer in Israel and showed me some pictures of him going to get the keys. I don’t remember his name now. But really the guy was very famous. It would be in Brazil a “Roberto Carlos” in the 90s.

In the next few days Simon was excited and asked me for help to buy things for his apartment and move there as soon as possible. His team was no longer more than 5 security guards, now there were 12 and he felt safe and gave me that security. We bought some things together for his house and it was really nice to share this moment with him.
Until one day we were in the pool of his new apartment making out and the helicopter of Simon’s enemies passed with a man hanging on it holding a machine gun. He gave a brief machine gun to the apartment’s windows. After this episode, Simon reluctantly gave me back my passport and I left. The diamonds of the promise “ONE DIAMOND A DAY” he never gave me and I also from a certain moment just wanted to leave in peace.

When I arrived at the airport in Israel to board I found a very strange fact that had never occurred to me before. They didn’t let me board with my computer, today I wonder if in 2017 he wasn’t being investigated and maybe they took my computer to investigate if I was involved in some of his snares or if I was just another woman he was in deceiving.
On my Israel – London connection I received some messages from Simon, I don’t remember exactly what he wrote but I remember the horrible feeling of a cornered mouse he left me. It was something like, he invested a lot in our relationship and since I was leaving I should return that investment or I could have problems with London immigration to catch my flight back to Brazil.

I just skimmed it over, and left my cell phone on airplane mode until I arrived safely in Brazil. I got my computer back in a box with seals from the government of israel and came home relieved to have survived all that madness.
A few months later I think about 7 or 8 he texted me asking for help and out of fear I also ignored.

Did you tell this story to anyone?
Until today I had never shared this story with anyone, I found it all strange, very hairy and I didn’t even know how to share these facts with someone without passing myself off as “Crazy” or “Liar”. For many years I kept this story and some others inside me, the feeling of helplessness, fear and lack of support and psychological support to be able to understand and digest what it was all about. That’s why I thought it best to forget since no one would help me to decipher this case.

How did you find out he was actually a fraud?
Fortunately, two weeks ago through Instagram I saw Simon’s face again as “Tinder Scam” and I could finally understand what all that is about. But Cecile and Pernila’s courage encouraged me to be here today to expose this danger and be able to help other women prevent themselves from any kind of abuse of trust, psychological and financial.
In fact, these scams have always existed and they don’t have to be Hollywood. When I was 18 years old, I was hit by my third boyfriend here in São Paulo. It was an extremely abusive relationship, but as I was very young I couldn’t understand the seriousness and toxicity of it. He said he was always wanting to help me, but in fact I was always helping him. He told me that his father put some company assets in his name and he was the trustee and the company started to go wrong. , until the day we broke up and he paid his debts only partially and the rest of the damage I had to bear. Not being enough, my fourth boyfriend a typical spoiled playboy, a very different profile from the third was always making fun of the fact that I needed to work in a store to have my money and once even laughed at the color of my Amex (It was an Amex Blue ) I felt very humiliated, in fact several times during our relationship he made some comments that left me shaken and insecure. He didn’t do anything, he had just returned from his studies in Switzerland and one day as he was 100% dependent on DAD’s money he asked me to borrow my card (AMEX BLUE) to put in Uber, I obviously gave it. He didn’t use Uber, he spent R$320.00 on a poker site on the first day and R$1500.00 on the same poker site on the second day. When I saw it I canceled my card, and ended up with it. Obviously the Swiss-educated Playboy daddy’s boy never paid for the expenses he made on the Amex Blue of the shop assistant who was not yet a graduate.

After both events I swore that I would never split the bill with a man or help anyone financially. They were small scams, but I was very young and didn’t earn much and I had to use what little I had to pay for college, health insurance and other basic expenses borne by men.
I know how the victims financially harmed by Simon feel, but what I want to show is that this scam doesn’t have to be Hollywood and it’s much more common than you imagine men taking financial advantage of women in love.
My alert today is this and I would like to ask that everyone please help support my cause by donating to NGOs that help women victims of any abuse.


The alleged father of “Simon Leviev” known as the Tinder scammer. photo taken from Google.
A piece of Simon’s car collection in the garage of the Dan Telaviv hotel.
Simon Leviev in his Ferrari in the Garage of the Dan Telaviv hotel.
Simon Leviev, Juju Coelho, The Chainsmokers and alleged partner of Simon Leviev.
Simon Leviev e Drew Targgat do The Chainsmokers.
Drew Targatt from The Chainsmokers after a few minutes chatting with Simon Leviev.
Chainsmokers – From Forbes cover to party staff sweeping the floor for Simon Leviev’s snap chat.
Simon Leviev showing off his good form in the Red Sea with his alleged partner’s son.
Escort in the Judean Desert during Simon’s escape from his enemies. – Purely illustrative photo and taken from Google.
View of Simon Leviev’s Apartment in the heart of the Diamond District purchased according to him and some photos of Israel’s most famous singer.
Part of Simon Leviev’s penthouse in the center of the Diamond District in Israel.

Simon Leviev organizing his new apartment.

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