Tree House: An oasis in the heart of Tulum’s hotel zone

Centered on an outdoor kitchen, Tulum Treehouse is a hybrid inn that facilitates the exchange between artisans, chefs, farmers, artists and designers for the preservation and evolution of Mexican artisanal traditions. During my last season of 4 months in Tulum in the year 2021 the charming Oasis in the center of the hotel zone was my residence. I can safely say that this secret invite-only hideaway is one of my favorite spots in town.

The small hotel has a restaurant too, just for guests and friends of friends. The entire season always brings one of the best chefs from Mexico and the world to pilot your kitchen. Not enough, the place still receives several artists from the music scene and holds events 4 times a week.

Juju Coelho em Tree House Tulum

Designed by the COLAB Design Office with interior curatorship by Annabell Kutucu, Tulum Treehouse comprises five rooms, an open-air restaurant, a work studio with an outdoor ceramic oven, and a store by Xinú, the Mexican botanical perfumery. Windows open to outdoor dining areas, and a massive 20-seat rooftop dining table offers spectacular views of the endless jungle. Our manufacturers come from very different backgrounds, but are united in their commitment to using local, organic and sustainable materials wherever possible to create an exceptionally beautiful and welcoming collaborative space.

Tree house Tulum
Juju Coelho em Tree House Tulum

Nestled between the tropical jungle and the Caribbean coast, on Tulum’s vibrant and bustling Beach Road, Treehouse is a cultural beacon of a once sleepy village in the midst of rapid transformation. Like the Medina of Marrakesh or South Beach in the 1980s, the Tulum of today is a place of chaos, promise and potential. At its creative hub is the Treehouse, where weekly lectures, musical performances, craft workshops, ecological seminars and artist residencies are inspired by the rich culture of the Yucatán and nurtured a dynamic conversation about Tulum’s future.

Quarto Tree House

Locally sourced Tzalam wood contrasts throughout the house with polished white cement. Visit the site and experience the intersection of exceptional international design and local artisan traditions.


The in-house kitchen delights in the natural generosity of Mexico and the diversity of its regional cuisine. The rotating seasonal dishes are cooked over an open fire powered exclusively by wood. Corn, the heart and soul of Mexican culinary culture, is finely ground in a stone mill and prepared using techniques that date back to pre-Hispanic times, including ancient forms of fermentation. Together, we engage in the discourse on the future of food culture through workshops, experimentation and artistic collaborations led by Edoardo Fiaschi, Slow Executive Chef who comes to us through Noma. Closed during the day for all guests except overnight, we open at night for those with dinner reservations.

Cozinha Tulum Tree House
Tree House Tulum


We invite our residents to investigate new cultural dialogues and possibilities for preserving traditional knowledge. Recent resident artists include Carlito Dalceggio, a visual artist whose work weaves mythology with reflections on Mayan traditions and ancient clay techniques, and Uxii, a self-taught Merida artist and ceramist who investigates pre-Hispanic clay sculpture. Resident artisan Francisca Ocampo, a master potter from the city of Santa María Atzompa, Oaxaca, built the kiln in the garden and created the ceramics currently in use in the kitchen and available in the warehouse.

Tree House Tulum


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