How to lose 3KG in 14 days?

Hello Hello, is there still time to dry 3kg of fat until the new year?
According to my doctor and Dr. Daniel Padilha from the Pedro Andrade clinic, there is still time. Along with him, I embarked on my personal challenge to achieve this goal.
In the photo below it’s me today with my 1.60cm tall and my 53kg.

As you can see here, the short-term goal is to reduce 3kg of fat mass, which today is 15.8kg, and we want to reach 12.8kg by December 21st. In the long term the goal is to reach and maintain the fat mass at 10kg.
Remembering that this year was a year of big changes for me and I have already managed to lose 12kg of fat mass in the last 9 months.
Stay tuned here that during these 14 days I will talk about slimming drugs, diet and changes in habits that helped me a lot during this period.

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