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The Perfect Skin Makeup

The trend of makeup that has arrived and has not gone away, even after the fake freckles, is the natural skin. And every day more we see how new techniques arise to leave the makeup with natural and healthy contours and colors.

The make-up artists are unanimous here and there: the makeup trend they’ve achieved is called “naked skin”. A smooth, uniform, perfect face. As if you were born with naturally wonderful skin and did not need the foundation to leave her like this. You will use products to achieve this effect, of course, but the idea is to look like you did not do it. “For some time we are moving towards a lighter and less artificial makeup, which returns the natural shine of the face,” says makeup artist Fernando Torquatto, from São Paulo.

Check out Some tips for getting a smooth, uniform and perfect face.


Como fazer a pele perfeita.
How to make perfect skin. Photo: Google

The first step is to understand that, now, the base is no longer necessarily an indispensable item in make. “You can, for example, use only a primer on the entire face and concealer to camouflage dark circles, pimples and other imperfections at specific points,” suggests Fabiana Gomes, senior makeup artist at M.A.C in Brazil.

Moisturizers with color or the famous BB creams (moisturizing cream, sunscreen, primer, and base) are also good options, as they care for the skin, leaving it brighter, smoothing the tone and guaranteeing natural coverage.

Crazy for base

Como fazer a pele perfeita: Base
How to Make Perfect Skin: Base. Photo: Google

But if you can not let go of the base and leave the house with almost nothing, fine. “In that case, prefer those that give a slightly shiny finish and invest in an illuminator on the temples and on the nose to recreate the natural luminosity of the face and escape the opaque effect,” says Torquatto.

Mixing a droplet of moisturizer to the product also works, as the base thus becomes more fluid, which ensures a discreet cover, and the color is softened. Avoid passing the product through the day, because overlapping layers are at greater risk of cracking and leave the look too heavy.


Como fazer a pele perfeita: Contorno
How To Make Perfect Skin: Contour. Photo: Google

There are already some, various, skin contouring techniques to make it more natural. It happens that when we pass base or concealer on the face, the contours will disappear and the skin will have a single tone. The idea of ​​the contour is to leave the face more natural still, whether with products in cream/paste or powder, with marking where it is lower and higher, darker or brighter

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