Clifford Pier, no Fullerton bay Hotel.

Singapore Brunch: The Clifford Pier at the Fullerton Bay Hotel

For those travelers who, like me, are lovers of a good Din Tai Fung, the Sunday brunch served at the Clifford Hotel in Singapore City is a must.

The Clifford Pier is an intimate and luxurious restaurant located across from Marina Bay, in the heart of the Fullerton Hotel, one of Singapore’s best hotels. Here Fullerton’s restaurant guests and guests enjoy the beautiful view of the Pier while enjoying their meals.

Clifford Pier, area interna do restaurante.
Clifford Pier, inside the restaurant. Photo: Google

Meals that alias are sure to leave anyone astounding. In the restaurant, the traditional Asian cuisine is the flagship and, best of all, without losing the originality of the references of the local people who live in that region. The techniques are faithful and make our experience even more enjoyable.

Clifford’s chef is none other than Philip Chia, a man somewhat innovative in the oldest Asian dishes.

For me the best experience there was during brunch. Traditional peranakan dishes are served with great elegance and flavor. The meal adored by me is called Heritage Dim Sum Brunch and on the menu, we found it from salads to wonderful desserts, plus a free buffet with an extensive variety of what to eat. The restaurant also gives you the option of paying a small amount, to enjoy cold drinks at will, including cocktails and champagne.

Heritage Dim Sum Brunch, no Clifford Pier.
Heritage Dim Sum Brunch at Clifford Pier. Photo: Google
Heritage Dim Sum. Picture of the Menu available on Fullerton Bay hotel website.
Heritage Dim Sum. Picture of the Menu available on Fullerton Bay hotel website.

For those interested, and I know everyone is (rs), the Brunch happens on weekends and holidays from 11 am to 2 pm.

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