Step by Step to Get the Brazilian Passport

Step by Step to How to Get the Brazilian Passport

 Step by Step to Get the Brazilian Passport

There are some cruel questions when planning a trip. Do I need a passport? Do you have to pay to take a passport? How much is a passport? Passport is seen?

There are countless questions I get every day on the subject, so I decided to help everyone at once and make this passport guide. Keep reading to know everything about how to have this important document!

1st Documentation

As for any type of document that you are going to take, the issuance of the passport also requires that you take the essential documents: Identity (can be the RG, CNH or Work Portfolio), CPF, if you do not already have your CPF number identity and Marriage Certificate, has changed its name.

If it is the second leg of your passport, it is important to take the old one for not to be charged an extra fee.

2nd Requisition Form

It is necessary to fill out a form before going to the PF post.

In this form you will put basic personal data, documents, and professionals, to expedite the process of issuing your passport. Shortly after the end, a protocol will be generated that you will use in the next step and a GRU (Union Pickup Guide) ticket for payment.

The value of the passport today is R$ 257.25 and you can make the payment of the ticket by the app of your bank or the lottery houses. It is important to remember that the scheduling of the service at the PF post can be done by the site, but only after payment of that fee.

3rd Schedule

After your ticket is cleared, this usually occurs one day after payment, access the scheduling area to finalize your order. The login is done with your CPF, the protocol generated in the previous step and your date of birth and then you can choose the city, the post, the day and the time you want to go.

4º Attend to the post of the PF

At this moment you must bring the original documents listed in item 1 and, to avoid inconvenience, also take the ticket proof of payment. It is not necessary to take it, but if any divergence occurs at the moment of the care is better to be forewarned.

It is very simple this process, you receive a password, by which will be called for screening and, after screening, fingerprint collection and photography. Then just wait for your passport to be ready, which usually takes 6 working days.

É ideal evitar atrasos, então se programe para chegar com pelo menos 15 minutos de antecedência.

5º Remove your passport

There, the most anticipated moment arrived, and you did not even have to stress about it very much.

The removal of the passport can be done at the same federal police station where you performed the care for the issue with your original RG, CNH or Work License.

The validity of the document is 10 years, so it is good to be aware and do the renewal before it expires.

Was there any question? The PF leaves a page with the most frequently asked questions available on the site and you can also comment here!

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