Melhores Primers para maquiagem

What are the functions of the primer and how to know the ideal for your skin

It’s no use buying the best base to make that perfect make if you do not use a good primer to prepare the skin.

The primer is essential before any makeup you are going to do, whether it’s for day-to-day makeup or a rapping make for a party or the weekend ballad. In fact, the preparation of the skin is indispensable, to avoid pimples, spots, and excess of oiliness, the fatal enemy of our skin and the makeup.

The primer’s function is precisely to eliminate or soften what can disrupt the duration and fixation of its make, that is, it softens the expression lines, accentuates the colors, reduces the redness of a stain or spine and even the skin, closing the pores and leaving it smooth.

Even the people who have the driest skin should use primer, just apply a moisturizer before or even choose a primer that has more focus on moisturizing the skin than it does. So there are several types of product, for all tastes.

It has the first liquid, which you can apply by spraying on the face before the makeup. These are more suitable for those who have more oily skin, usually, the main function of it is to make the skin and prepare for a very fine make. What I recommend is MAC Prep Makeup Prep + Prime Skin Lotion.

Loção Pré-Maquiagem Prep + Prime Skin
Prep + Prime Skin Pre-Make-up Lotion. Click to buy at Sephora.

You can also opt for the primer on meteorites pearls, or popularly saying, on pearls. They are basically a gel to apply prior to the base and give a more glow effect to make. “What does that mean?” it leaves the makeup more lighted and even with a matte base, the effect is quite smooth. From this type, I point out Guerlain’s Primer Meteorites Perfecting Pearls Anti Dull-ness.

Primer Meteorites Perfecting Pearls Anti Dull-ness
First Meteorites Perfecting Pearls Anti Dull-ness. Click to buy at Sephora.

And for those who have the skin drier, as I said above recommend primers in cream. They have a more moisturizing function and will prepare your skin very well for the rest of the make, without worrying as well if it will get excessively oily skin. The primers have the wonderful power to control everything and leave their face well balanced. In that case, I point out the Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer Pre-Make-Up Cream.

Creme Pré-Maquiagem Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer
Pre-Make-up Cream Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer. Click on the image to buy at Sephora.

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