How to Organize the Routine of Your Journey

The biggest difficulty for those who live in SP and who lives traveling is to keep a routine organized, due to all the stress and rush of everyday life, flights after flights, time zone, etc. And I bet this also happens to people who live elsewhere, so I decide to tell you how I keep my routine always organized, at home or during a trip.

Sleep well and early to wake up well and early.

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It sounds like a mother, but when you sleep earlier you feel more ready the next day, so the rush becomes less stressful. It sounds like a motherfucker, but when you sleep earlier you feel more ready the next day, so the running becomes less stressful.

I am a participant in intermittent fasting, which means that sleeping early is part of my diet. This has helped me control anxiety, compulsiveness for food after a certain time, and especially stress during the day.

Keep a planner

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You do not have to be someone important to have an agenda with your commitments, but if it is it is more than essential to have one.

I have many weekly meetings, either in person or online, so I like to get organized with everything before traveling to go quiet. Apart from the work to do, even traveling, and several trips that I like to do when I’m traveling, if I do not have an organized schedule, I end up losing everything and nothing works. So the tip I give you is: Organize daily schedules with your priorities separated by areas of your life.

Rest before a flight

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This tip is important for anyone traveling as you want to travel soon.

The time zone is something that leaves us a bit clumsy on the first day, so I like to go to my destinations well rested so this does not happen. “Oh, but the problem is not sleeping, but staying awake on the spot?” You should prepare for the spindle which is going.

I indicate “entering the spindle” of another country the day before entering such a country, so when you are there you will be more willing to do things on a good schedule and still be able to keep a schedule while traveling.

Make reservations and buy your tickets in advance

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When you are planning it is less likely to stress, that is, well being, okay!

So the best option is to travel with the hotel reservation made, the restaurants that will also and with the tickets of the sights that are in hand, or that tour around the city. “Juju, I do not know how to choose all these places alone!” Calm! With this, helps you.

We now set up custom itineraries so you can enjoy your peaceful journey. We indicate hotels, restaurants, sights and we set up your day by day within your budget and what has more to do with your profile.

In addition, you can buy your tickets and make your reservations here at Entering the category “hotels” you will find the best hotels to stay in several cities and you can make your reservation by clicking on the photo of the desired hotel or by the cart of the at the end of the post.

And to buy the tickets, simply select the destination city in the menu “Destinations” and there will be lists of places that are indispensable to visit on your trip, just click on the place and buy your tickets by get your guide.

Did you like tips? Comment here and also leave your infallible tips. I hope this helps you both when it helps me maintain my mental health stable.

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