European Summer: Where to go?

The European summer is coming and the question remains: where to go? In fact, where to go is very subjective and depends a lot on what you are looking for and who you are going with.

So I made a basic guide divided into three different audiences: those who are going to Europe for the first time, those who are going to take a family trip and those who are looking for excitement during the trip.

First time in Europe

If it’s your first time in Europe, I recommend you do the basic roadmap and go through the most acclaimed major cities. That way you get the best out of it and you can get to know the history of each place better.

London, Paris, and Rome should be obligatory stops for those who visit the continent for the first time. But if you are lost and do not know which country to start I will give you some simple tips to help you decide:

  • Tip 1

First, think about whether you’d rather meet big cities or beach destinations, so you can better visualize your travel “map” and focus on what you really want to do.

  • Tip 2

Make a list of the cities of dreams, the ones you would like to go and leave your buttons on google maps, with this organization it is easier to establish a roadmap that goes through all of them.

  • Tip 3

If you are planning multiple cities, do not forget that every time you go to the airport you miss a day trip even if the flight takes only one hour. So do not make itineraries where you stay less than 3 nights at each destination.

My suggestion is that the first-time sailors are spending 15 days in Europe and the itinerary I indicate for each type of traveler is:

Essential countries
Big Ben, Londres.
Big Ben. Photo: Google

London, Paris, Rome, Prague and Berlin, these countries cannot be left out of their trip. It’s the famous European cliches and going to the mainland for the first time and not taking a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum or Big Ben is almost a sin.

For the beach
Praia em Lisboa.
Praia em Lisboa. Photo: Google.

Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​London, and Paris have the best beaches and most crowded in the summer.

The dreamers with Italy
Coliseu, Roma.
Colosseum, Rome. Photo: Google

Rome and Milan, are indispensable, but I suggest you make the Amalfi coast by car, it is such an adventure!

Family trip

For those going to Europe with family and small children, I suggest less busy cities and out of the classic itinerary of tourists. Nothing more annoying than, besides watching everyone, having to dribble the streets, restaurants and tourist offices crumpled.

So if you’ve been to Europe at least once, I recommend destinations that are not so well-known, the continents famous hidden havens.

So here are my tips for 15 days for those who have been in Europe:

Metropolis rich in history
Cidade de Munique.
City of Munich. Photo: Google

Luxembourg, Munich, Prague, Vienna are cities full of beauty, museums and historic buildings to meet without so many people suffocating you.

Para os praianos
Juju Coelho na Croacia.
Juju Rabbit in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

I’d recommend Croatia but look for hotels near major cities to stay off the beaten path.

Marseille, Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo, outside the weeks of the Grand Prix and Cannes festival, tend to be generally quiet destinations for those looking to relax.

The city of Jesolo in Italy, 15 minutes from Venice, is also the ideal place to stay in a resort and do nothing in front of the beach.

I have done several times the region of Monte Carlo, Jesolo, Venice and all my way to Munich. I even find a great script option for anyone who wants to be quiet with the family and experience a little bit of everything.

For those who seek agitation

Montenegro. Photo: Google

My top pick is Montenegro, without a doubt. My favorite places there are Sveti Stefan, an island that is almost paradise, and Budva.

But I also point out Croatia, more specifically the city of Hvar, a small island on the Dalmatian coast, bathed by the Adriatic, very frequented by tourists and Croatian sites.

In Greece, the high point is Mykonos.

In addition, I also indicate the city of St. Tropez, France. Barcelona and Ibiza in Spain and of course I could not miss one of my favorite places, the city of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Like the tips? Now you have no excuses when setting up your travel script, but if you still feel you need a little hand, you can count on!

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