Meet Quintonil in Mexico City

Founded and led by the couple Jorge Vallejo and Alejandra Flores, the Quintonil restaurant is since 2015 in the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world, now occupying the 9th place.

The chef Jorge Vallejo, although new, has a load of gastronomic experiences to envy. Vallejo graduated in culinary arts at Ambrosia, her first professional experience in the kitchen was working on cruises around the world. From there the chef worked in the kitchens of Pujol, the Condessa DF hotels, Habita, Hotel Capital District and in 2010 he served as executive chef of the St Regis kitchen.

Alejandra Flores holds a degree in restaurant management from CESSA, a master in business administration with a hospital focus and a marketing specialist at the Les Roches education center in Switzerland. It was working at Pujol that Alejandra and Jorge met, she was director of operations for the restaurant and Enrique Olvera Group.

When Chef left the hotels, he embarked on a knowledge experience in Copenhagen. Back in Mexico, Vallejo and his wife decided to open their own restaurant: O Quintonil, where Alejandra runs the salon and manages and Vallejo leads the kitchen and menu.

In the renowned high-gastronomic restaurant, the dishes served to carry all the knowledge the chef has brought cooking and studying in kitchens around the world. What makes the menu even more incredible is the use of ingredients typical of Mexican cuisine that are taken from a garden that has in the restaurant itself, thanks to the initiative Origins, founded by Vallejo in partnership with chefs Mauro Colagreco, restaurant Mirazur, in France and Virgilio Martinez, who heads the restaurant Central in Peru. The initiative seeks to keep ingredients, techniques, and customs of the kitchen of small Latin American communities, without using pesticides or any artificial ingredient.

Speaking of the menu, the restaurant presents only the option of a tasting menu that undergoes changes during the year due to the availability of ingredients. This happens with both dishes, as well as desserts and even with the wine and drinks menu. My choice was a 12-course option, where what most charmed me was the reinvention of guacamole, worth a try. The desserts are also stunning, very appetizing.

Quintonil, when compared to another famous and respected restaurant in Mexico, Pujol, could have impressed more, yet it is a sensational restaurant. The presentations were spotless, the dishes delicious and the place is super cozy and beautiful. One of the mottos of the place is to welcome the customers well and treat them like family as well as all the staff and this is very well passed on to those going to the restaurant.

I was very well received and met there, it was a great pleasure to be with the whole Quintonil team and to have this new gastronomic experience. I hope to come back!

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