Agafay Luxury Camp

Your Next destination is Morocco, you do not see the time to know the desert closely, but unfortunately, the time of stay will be little and can not make the Sahara. Sad, but don’t look like a problem, you can turn your passage across the country into an incredible safari by staying at Agafay Luxury Camp, or rather saying: In the desert.

The Hotel with its camping and safari style is located in the Moroccan desert and what keeps you separated from the municipality of Marrakech, one of the largest cities in Morocco, is only 40 minutes. So In addition to enjoying the experience in the desert, you will not need to stop meeting one of the main sights of North Africa.

But do not think it is a hotel full of luxury, the place is very simple. When It comes to comfort it leaves to be desired. The beds look like rocks. The pillows are not goosed feather or super comfy mattresses that take you to another level of spirit when you sleep. The services of the site are also not of the best, but supply the need of those who stay there for a short time. Fortunately, none of this has prevented my onsite experience from being good.

Being in camping in the middle of the desert is really something unmatched and amazing. The scenery is beautiful and the hotel is very stylish, besides allowing you to travel in thoughts with the sunrise and sunset. For those who go to Morocco in winter, the place becomes even more beautiful, because from there it is possible to see the Alps, the famous High Atlas Mountain range, and in only 40 minutes you have access to the highest Ski station in North Africa, to Oukaimeden.

The Station is located 3600 meters high in the Atlas mountain range and receives many tourists in winter, about 30000 people a day ski there. The Place has 18 ski slopes that to access you are obliged to enjoy a kilometer climbing the cable car and enjoying the mountains and the expanse of the desert, which is possible to see even better when you reach the top.

So Here’s a hint: it’s very worthwhile to travel in winter too but to the right place. And The desert is definitely a good place.

The location can also be enjoyed in the summer as well as in winter. At Agafay you have the possibility to make ATV tours during the day by the local extension or take a good wine, which is very successful in the hotel, relaxing in the hotel pool.

Without a doubt one of the best moments I lived there was to see the sunset, it is breathtaking, hypnotizing, the will is to stop the time and stay just enjoying the view. And It does not end there, after the stunning moment you can enjoy a traditional Moroccan dinner to the sound of local bands. It’s just amazing!

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