Dubai: Ski Dubai Penguins Encounter

Today I went to see the ski Dubai located at the Emirates Mall in Dubai. The ski station is very small and recommended for the intermediary level 2. Personally I consider the course nice for beginners and children and I do not recommend or find valid the experience for those who really enjoy and practice the sport.

The cool guy right there and the experience of being able to interact with on Penguins.
Packages vary between AED 230.00 and AED 1365.00 where you can choose between a simple photo and a brief brieffing about the beautiful animals or even swim and feed them.

During the tour is not allowed the use of cell phones or the entrance of photographic cameras so if you want a photo with the beautiful animals do not forget that at the end of the tour will pay an additional amount of AED 150.00 per photo or a AED 600.00 package for all the photos of the experience. Follow the link of the place for those who are looking to buy the tickets in advance or know more about the tour and the options that Ski Dubai offers.

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