An oasis in Mexico: The hotel Encuentro Guadalupe

Have you considered staying in a luxury hotel in the middle of the Valle de Guadalupe mountains in Mexico? If so, Encuentro Guadalupe is the right destination!

The hotel, which is in the winery region, is my favorite place when I want to disconnect from everything and enjoy nature. According to the hotel itself, Encuentro is “a space that invites our guests to enjoy the common areas and reuniting with themselves, keeping in touch with nature, respecting the surroundings and admiring the wonderful landscape that the Guadalupe Valley offers us”.

Encuentro Guadalupe. Source: Instagram.

Encuentro has 22 lofts made for the guests to relax. Each room has its own terrace, mountain views, local-made wine floors – the hotel has seven hectares of vineyard – and an outdoor clay kiva. Everything to enjoy the stay and connect with nature.

Valuing the experience, Encuentro welcomes each visitor with a drink of their own production, that can be enjoyed while visiting the winery and admiring the view from the lobby. The wines tasted by guests are produced right there in the hotel’s owned vineyards. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Nebbiolo are some of the types that make up the hotel’s wine cellar.

Its architecture is rustic and uses elements of nature in its composition, such as decorative objects made of logs, fireplaces built with clay, natural stones composing the decoration of the lofts. All connected with the view of the mountains, which can be enjoyed from the glass walls surrounding the hotel.

Hotel’s architecture. Source: Booking.

About the gastronomy, the hotel has the Origin restaurant, which works as an “open kitchen”, where guests can watch the execution of the dishes, made by chef Omar Valenzuela. Each dish is a combination of flavors, shapes and colors that explores ingredients from northern Baja California.

In addition, the hotel features the Raw Oyster Bar, headed by chef Melissa Navaro, whose signatures are oyster dishes and drinks that delight the guest with their beauty and taste.

One of Raw Oyster Bar dishes. Source: Instagram.

And did you already know about Encuentro Guadalupe? When passing through Mexico, be sure to visit the hotel! Book your stay right now clicking here! Also see more about tours and activities in the area through Get Your Guide.

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