Mikla restaurante Istanbul.

Visit the Mikla restaurant in Istanbul

The wonderful restaurant ranch in the 44th place by the World 50 Best list is worth every second tasting and I had the pleasure of dining there when I was in Istanbul last month.

Mikla was unrecognized in 2005 when restaurant chef and owner Mehmet Gürs had the brilliant idea of ​​creating a traditional restaurant that referred to the people of Istanbul but with a contemporary view. This is how the acclaimed chef created the New Anatolian Kitchen, or rather, the new Anatolian cuisine.

Chef Mehmet Gürs.
Chef Mehmet Gürs. Photo: miklarestaurant.com

The whole Menu of the restaurant was designed to contemplate the oldest and most traditional techniques, using the best ingredients cultivated by local and honest farmers, according to the restaurant’s website, in a way that the dishes are the perfect blend of the natural and the exquisite. with the innovator.

Prato servido no Restaurante Mikla, em Istanbul.
Dish served at Mikla Restaurant in Istanbul. Photo: Google

There are three menu options: the captivating tasting menu with 7 different dishes, the traditional a la carte, where the customer can choose three courses for the meal, and the wine list, which is full of intense flavors.

The ambiance of the restaurant is also pleasant, being located at the top of the hotel The Marmara Pera the view is splendid and asserts its on-site experience. With indoor and outdoor areas you can choose the place you prefer, but the restaurant bar is outside, making those who just go to enjoy the restaurant’s wines and drinks can admire the view as well.

Salão Interno do restaurante Mikla, em Istanbul.
Internal Hall of Mikla restaurant in Istanbul. photo: Google
Restaurante Mikla, em Istanbul.
Mikla restaurant in Istanbul. Photo: Google

The visit to Mikla is an obligatory stop for your trip to Istanbul. Do not miss this great restaurant.

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