Inverno em Orlando.

When to go to Orlando

From the series: Planning your trip to Orlando, this post will tell you the best times to go to the city of amusement parks!

Again I will say that famous phrase, and much said here: it all depends on you. Orlando is the same place, with the same parks all year round. Whether it’s low or high temperatures, parks open and people have fun. Setting the best time for you to travel to the location will depend on what you are looking for.

In my opinion, the summer is the highlight, the months of June to August are very trendy and make the best of your stay at a Disney resort and in the water parks.

Toy Story Land durante verão em Orlando. Foto: Google
Toy Story Land during summer in Orlando. Photo: Google

But if you want to enjoy relatively high temperatures in a calmer period, it is best to go during the spring, March through May. Even with the Spring Break, which takes many Americans to the parks, it is possible to enjoy the park with fewer tourists.

Think of March as just Americans crowding the parks, in July, for example, are people and families taking vacations from all over the world.

Now if your intention is to have the park almost exclusively for you, go during the end of winter or fall, January / February and October / November. In January and February, the park is very empty, everything is in a quieter flow, but that means maximum temperatures of 20ºC. Already in October, the temperatures are still high because of the end of summer and November the temperature drops to warn that the winter is coming.

If only watch the Thanksgiving holiday, at the end of November. The big city on this holiday.

Natal na Disney.
Christmas at Disney. Photo: Google

Spending Christmas at Disney is your dream? So get ready for crowded parks, but live compensation for a fairy tale. December in Orlando is the month that brings maximum stocking to the city, but it’s certainly worth it.

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