Dior Skin Care Favorites: Capture Youth Collection

Last Saturday, August 31st, I attended the event organized by Dior SkinCare, to present all skincare lines, at Sephora in JK Iguatemi Mall. Francisco Ingratta, the international Dior makeup artist, introduced to me all the collections that Dior SkinCare has and how to make the best use of each product.

From all products, my picks were Capture Youth Plump Filler and Capture Youth Glow Booster, both from Dior’s anti-aging line.

Capture Youth is a collections “with innovative antioxidant protocol that actively postpones the onset of aging signs while preserving the youthfulness of your skin,” according to Dior. Plump Filler is a natural hyaluronic acid moisturizing serum that acts on the skin to prevent dryness and fine lines. Great for normal to dry skin, the result is visible from the first application, making your skin firmer and smoother.

Capture Youth Collection. Source: Google

The Glow Booster is an anti-fatigue serum that helps maching the tone and opacity of the skin, giving it a glow and removing all skin fatigue signs such as dark circles and spots.

I’ve included these two products in my daily skin care routine and I just love them! Comment below if you already knew Dior Skin Care products and which one is your favorite!

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