Pessoas caminhando pela cidade em Bordeaux. Foto: Google

10 reasons to visit Bordeaux

If you are still wondering whether or not to go through the wine town on your trip to France, I came here to convince you definitely to get to know the city of Bordeaux.

1st It is very easy to reach the city

Cidade de Bordeaux, na França.
City of Bordeaux, France. Photo: Google

The city that was once forgotten by the French and tourists grew so much that today there is a railway that takes people from Paris to Bordeaux. Another option is to travel by Eurostar or TGV from London to Bordeaux, the journey lasts less than 6 hours!

In addition to these ways, there are flights that go straight to the place. So no excuses!

2nd Is the wine capital of the world

Cité du Vin, museu que conta a história dos vinhos do mundo em Bordeaux.
Cité du Vin, museum that tells the history of the world wines in Bordeaux. Photo: Google

The town is well known for producing the famous French wine, but the local wineries are so prestigious by people from all over the world that the place became known as the wine capital of the world.

The drink is so famous there that it won a museum in its honor, the Cité du Vin.

3rd It has sights for all likes

Cathédrale Saint André, em Bordeaux.
Cathédrale Saint André in Bordeaux. Photo: Google

As an ancient city, you will find much about the history of the city and architectures of past centuries, such as the Cathédrale Saint André, as well as being able to visit both contemporary art museums (CAPC) and classical artists such as the Musée des Beaux-Arts. And there are also the wineries that you can visit and even stay at.

As I said, places to suit all like!

4th It has an artificial park on the banks of the Garonne

Place de la Bourse, em Bordeaux.
Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux. Photo: Google

Place de la Bourse is a horseshoe-shaped square on the banks of the river Garonne, the most beautiful of this square is the Miroir d’Eau, the largest mirror of water in the world. There you can walk with the company of the river, take beautiful pictures or just sit and rest after visiting other points of the city.

5th The streets are full of shops

rua Saint-Catherine, em Bordeaux.
Rue Saint-Catherine in Bordeaux. Photo: Google

Throughout Bordeaux you will find shops of all kinds for shopping, but the town also has a street, one of the most famous of the place, known as one of the main shopping centers of Bordeaux.

A Saint-Catherine street, which is a clothing and accessories store of famous brands.

6º The city is one of the best to ride a bike in the world

Ciclistas passeando em Bordeaux.
Cyclists strolling in Bordeaux. Photo: Google

Bike-Friendly city only loses to Amsterdam and Copenhagen. After the restoration of Bordeaux, which lived in chaos due to traffic, residents (and tourists) from there became bike enthusiasts and so today one of the main ways to get around in the city is to use it.

Sustainable and healthy, right?

7th The food is wonderful

Fotografia de prato servido em restaurante na cidade de Bordeaux, na França.
Photograph of dish served in restaurant in the city of Bordeaux, France. Photo: Google

It is not only in the wine that the city devastates, but the local cuisine has also been increasingly innovated by young chefs of Bordeaux and is conquering the palate of people all over the world.

Most of the city’s restaurants make use of traditional techniques, but products come straight from farms in southwestern France, making the recipes both creative and classic at the same time.

8th Transport in the city without difficulty

VLT de Bordeaux.
VLT of Bordeaux. Photo: Google

As I said above, the bike is one of the best friends, in terms of transportation, the environment and the residents of Bordeaux, but if you do not have so much affinity with the skinny you can choose to get around using the tram that cuts across the city, or as it is also known: VLT (Light Vehicle on Rails).

9th It is a historic city

Construções de Bordeaux.
Buildings of Bordeaux. Photo: Google

If you do not know, Bordeaux was called a “sleeping beauty” for a long time. The city, which has important monuments for the history of the country, was filled with chaos and pollution. Its streets, which had once housed the Girondins during the French Revolution, became the scene of car traffic. The buildings built at the time of the kings and the monuments were erased and corroded by the smoke of the vehicles, the city had lost its charm.

Today, after a restoration, Bordeaux is one of the most beautiful and clean French cities, it is worth visiting the beauty that has awakened from the chaos.

Many French people long to live there

Pessoas caminhando pela cidade em Bordeaux. Foto: Google
People walking around town in Bordeaux. Photo: Google

The city became so beautiful and captivating after the revitalization that today Frenchmen of Paris and all places of France wish to live there, either by the renewed aesthetics of the place or by the peace of mind that can be found.

Now I know that I convinced you to meet Bordeaux! If you’ve ever been to the city, leave your comment about the experience you’ve experienced.

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