Bazaar Noivas Magazine presents Pó de Arroz fashion show

The Bazaar Noivas celebrated the divulgation of the new edition of the magazine with a fabulous party at the traditional events space Iate Clube Santos, in São Paulo last Wednesday (24). For the occasion, the magazine received guests to watch also the fashion show of the bride brand Pó de Arroz which celebrated the brand’s 10th anniversary with the divulgation of the new collection ‘Sertão Encantado’ inspired by the beautiful and playful universe of the Northeastern Cordel.

The collection presented models with lots of tulle, colored embroideries and applications in 3D, the touch of lightness and romanticism was on account of the bet on models with transparency, light lacy and poá. The fashion show was conducted by a soundtrack of northeastern classics that took a cheerful and fun climate to the catwalk.

The beauty of the event was signed by beauty artist’s team, Celso Kamura, who was also inspired on the cordéis, presented a makeup with copper tones and shine and blush with tone that remitted the color of sunburnt skin. Check out a little of what happened at the event with this beautiful collection of Pó de Arroz!

Iate Clube Santos
Iate Clube Santos + Pó de Arroz
Pó de Arroz
Pó de Arroz
Pó de Arroz
Pó de Arroz
Pó de Arroz
Juju Coelho
Penha Maia, Patricia Carta, Mariana Fernandes.
Patricia Carta, Costanza Pascolato
Patrícia Carta, Fernando Luis, Aure Gozzi, Alessandra Hidalgo, Rodrigo Yaegashi.
Eliser Ambrosio, Kamilla Salgado.
Andressa Griebel
Bruno Santos

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