Place de la Bourse, em Bordeaux.

Visit the city of Bordeaux, France

The city that was once called Sleeping Beauty today is one of the most beautiful and enviable in France.

Bordeaux, the capital of French wine, was almost abandoned until undergoing a revitalization in 1995 to become a beautiful and touristy place again, but the results were so good that the city was listed as UNESCO heritage, the largest urban patrimony in the world, and is coveted not only by tourists but by French people from all over the country.

The monuments of the city that were once erased by pollution were reformed, the banks of the river Garonne, which surrounds the city, became a large park and the streets that were traffic chaos gave way to walks and cyclists.

Ciclistas passeando em Bordeaux.
Cyclists strolling in Bordeaux. Photo: Google

A very cool curiosity about Bordeaux is that today, after all this process, the city is considered one of the fondest of cyclists, losing only to Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

The town is also full of shops of chocolates, designer labels and, of course, wines. The local specialty even has a museum in his honor.

Cité du Vin, museu que conta a história dos vinhos do mundo em Bordeaux.
Cité du Vin, a museum that tells the history of the world wines in Bordeaux. Photo: Google.
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The Cité du Vin is a museum that honors wines from around the world in the most interactive way possible. with multimedia, the collection tells the story of all the wines produced in Bordeaux and other cities worldwide and also relates to everything that might have to do with wine.

Among the tours that the venue offers, do not forget to go to the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux to enjoy an opera performance. Besides having a very good program the Grand Théâtre is one of the historical buildings of the city.

Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux.
Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux. Photo: Google.
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In addition, you can visit the most famous square of the city, the Place de la Bourse and Miroir d’Eau, Cathédrale Saint André and walk along the banks of the river, which as mentioned above is a beautiful park. The city has several other sights to visit, so in order to get to know everyone, I recommend you stay between one and two days.

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