Cidade de Orleans, na França.

Visit the city of Orleans, France

In north-central France, a few hours drive from Paris, you find a small preciousness with great importance in the history of the country and various activities to do. This city is Orleans, the capital of the center-valley of the Loire.

Well-known for being “rescued” by the English by the French heroine Joan of Arc, Orleans has its peculiarities and much to offer for tourists wishing to explore further in France.

Estatua de Joana D'Arc em Orleans.
Statue of Joan of Arc in Orleans. Photo: Google

The city is so small that it is possible to get to know everything on foot and in just one day, but I recommend you stay there for at least 2 so that you explore everything more calmly and not be so tiring. Because Joan has saved the city, everywhere you go there, you will hear or see something of the honored Frenchwoman.

In addition, one of the most visited tourist spots of the city is the House of Joan of Arc. An exact replica of the house where she lived during her visit to Orleans. The house tells the story of heroin with great fidelity and some interactive exhibits.

There are also other important and indispensable places to visit, such as Hôtel Groslo, the old town hall which explains many things about the history of Orleans, and the Cathedral of Orleans, which was only untouched in the city after the liberation of the city by Joan and to this day she carries idolatry for the savior.

Catedral de Orleans, na França.
Cathedral of Orleans, France. Photo: Google

I indicated that I should stay for two days in the city because the part of the historic center, mentioned above, you can visit quite calm the first day and even walk, everything is very close. But Orleans also houses the most beautiful castles and full of stories of France, take the second day to meet them and delve into the past.

Among these castles is the Château de La Ferté Saint-Aubin, the Château de Chambord, which took 150 years to be built and houses until today the double-helix ladder designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. Château Royal de Blois, Château de Cheverny which appears in the stories of the character Tintin, the Château de Valençay, the Château de Chenonceau, which is considered one of the most beautiful castles in the world.

Château de Chenonceau.
Château de Chenonceau. Photo: Google

In addition to these, you can also visit the Château de Amboise, the first Renaissance castle built in the Loire Valley, the Castle of Clos-Lucé, where Da Vinci spent his last years of life and the Château de Chaumont.

The visit to these places is very worthwhile and if it is in the Christmas season, more so. Because everything is decorated according to the Christmas mood and both the city and the castles look beautiful.

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