Compras no Free Shop

My purchases in the Free Shop

Traveling is a temptation. It is basically impossible to go to any other country and not think about shopping, even more now with the famous free shops. But what is a free shop? For those who are laymen on the subject, free shops are shops at international airports around the world where only people who are boarding or disembarking from a flight can shop. And I did not miss my chance.

In my passage through the free shop, I did not resist and bought several wonderful products and, of course, makeup. There you find great products much more in the account than in other stores, because of the taxes that are reduced to these stores.

Over the next few days I will talk more about each product individually and leave my review and how to use the darlings. But now, how about taking a look at what I bought and already securing yours too, to test them with me?

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