The best roofs in Singapore

There always comes a time in our travels in which, if we do not plan, we have nothing to do and we find boredom in the hotel room. But for this not to happen to you, today I will point out the best and most popular rooftops in Singapore.


RooftoRooftop 1-Altitude. Foto Hoteis.comp 1-Altitude. Foto Hoteis . com
Rooftop 1-Altitude. Photos:

It would be impossible not to cite the highest place to drink in all of Singapore. The 63-story building houses sensational bars on the roof and even a dance floor that guarantees guests fun until the early hours of Friday and Saturday.

Lantern at Fullerton Bay Hotel

Rooftop Lantern. Foto
Rooftop Lantern. Photo:

At the hotel already listed as having one of the best restaurants in town, there is also the Lantern, a beautiful bar on Fullerton’s terrace with the breathtaking view of Marina Bay.

SuperTree by IndoChine

SuperTree by IndoChine. Foto
SuperTree by IndoChine. Photo:

The city’s super exclusive bar sits atop an artificial tree at gardens by bay, one of the popular SuperTree. There you can try the Asian and Western menu plus take good wine, beer and drinks.

Ce la vi

Rooftop Ce La Vi. Foto
Rooftop Ce La Vi. Photo:

The Ce la vi is located at the top of Marina Bay Sands and is contemplated with 200 meters of height that allow a breathtaking view of the city. There you can have good drinks and relax in the lounge or by the pool.


Rooftop Kinki. Foto
Rooftop Kinki. Photo:

In this Japanese bar, you will have the impression of really being in the streets of Japan, but you can remember the place where you really are looking at the view of Marina Bay, which is ahead of Kinki. The place serves lots of sushi and sashimi options along with good drinks and shows or DJs on weekends.

Did you like tips? Now there are no more excuses to stay in the hotel room when visiting Singapore. If you’ve ever been to one of these locations, make sure to comment on your experience.

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