Festa em Mônaco durante o GP que ocorre no país.

Monte Carlo Grand Prix Week

This week begins the biggest bustle in the city of Monte Carlo, the peak season of the venue takes place during the Grand Prix, or more known as F1.

Monte Carlo is the host city of the most anticipated race championship of the year all over the world, it is there where the most important race of the prize takes place.

This event attracts thousands of people from all over the world, lovers of Formula 1 racing and cinema, as the very long awaited Cannes Film Festival is taking place in the same week. With this, the city is full of parties and events, which makes this week the best to visit Monte Carlo, as I see it.

Circuito de Mônaco.
Circuit of Monaco. Photo: Google
Festival de Cannes, em Monte Carlo.
Cannes Festival in Monte Carlo. Photo: Google

These festivities attract everything from celebrity celebrities and people who just like the championship and usually take place in the luxurious hotels and yachts that lie at the Monte Carlo Marina and even in the stunning, traditional casino of Monaco.

With all this happening, it is always good to leave your reservation made in your favorite hotels and restaurants to mark the best parties and have the best trip to Monte Carlo of your life. The festivities take place this week, but the festival is going on from the 14th until the 25th of May, so there is still time to run and participate in all this fun.

Leave it here in the comments if you plan to go to any of these events this year and, if it was already in some, your experience.


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