Juju Coelho fala sobre Plastic mania.

Plastic Mania

The gringas are using it and the famous ones too, what are you waiting for to invest in this trend?

Big brands like Prada and Miu Miu are already betting everything on the trend of plastic and the vitrínes are full too. The looks that can be assembled with these pieces, be it an accessory or clothing, are numerous and reminiscent of the street style.

Juju Coelho fala sobre Plastic mania.
Juju Coelho talks about Plastic Mania.

Coats, shoes, handbags, necessities, etc., have now won their plastic version. The most predominant is transparent, but we have all the colors. One thing is certain: to use and abuse the plastic mania you have to have a lot of styles and know how to use the piece to destroy and mark the presence in places.

So, do you bet or do not bet on this trend? I will leave here some indications and inspirations that I have loved for you!

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