Juju Coelho In Istanbul, Get to know the best months to visit Istanbul

Best months to go to Istanbul

Juju Coelho In Istanbul, Get to know the best months to  visit Istanbul
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I know how hard it is to decide the date of travel. Heat, cold, vacation, high season, low season. And now, what to do? How to choose? CALM! I came on a mission to help you and today, the tip goes to anyone who wants to go to my most recent destination: Istanbul.

I do not intend to wrap you up definitely with all my traveling experience, I declare that the best months to visit Istanbul and its wonders are from April to September when it comes to temperature, but we will vary slightly the period within those months of according to what each one seeks.

The period considered the best is due to the little amount of rain in the spring and summer and the most pleasant temperature that allows beautiful photos on sunny days in front of the historical monuments, ensuring sightseeing tours without worries.

During the colder period in the city, from October to March, temperatures drop to 3 ° C and snow is guaranteed for at least 20 days. Okay, snow is beautiful, Turkey itself looks beautiful in the winter, but it would disrupt your tour of Istanbul.

Inverno em Istanbul. Foto: Google
Winter in Istanbul. Photo: Google

The sights there are not made for a visit in the extreme cold, the city is small and you can explore on foot, the activities in the city do not include Ski, so it would be very difficult to really enjoy everything that is provided.

For this reason, I suggest that you plan your visit to Istanbul in the hot spring/summer months, from April to September, as well as being easier to get to know the monuments of the city, you can even plan to take a tour of the Bosphorus Strait.

As I said at the beginning, there are two possibilities within this period: go between April and June or from July to September.

Archaeological Museums of Istanbul. Photo: Google

If your intention is to meet many people, be in a city full of different people and enjoy the tourist buzz to the maximum, without doubt, you must go between July and September. It is the summer vacation long awaited by students and families planning to travel.

Now, as it is not a holiday season, nor a time of year when many are willing to travel, the months of April to June are calmer to make international travel. As a result, Istanbul is a city that is a little more empty, although it still receives many tourists, it is easier to enjoy the city as a local enjoys in this period.

I chose to go in April, I got quite enjoyed my trip and I stayed in a wonderful hotel, which provided me with a lot of relaxation. Now all you have to do is decide when to go, the tips you already have.

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