Juju Coelho pinto usando camiseta manga longa Track & Field, Legging Track & Field, jaqueta Track & Field e tênis Nike.

# Juju25days: Learn to optimize your metabolism through your diet

I recently challenged myself for 25 days to have a healthy diet and lose much of my body mass. The 25 days were determined because it would be the first period that I would spend on earth without traveling, but since we do not have so much control over our life (rs), I ended up having to travel completely changing the routine that I had scheduled for these days. But I did not give up, I innovated in some methods to continue with my goal and now, when finishing this challenge I will tell you a little of what I did.

Juju Coelho pinto usando camiseta manga longa Track & Field, Legging Track & Field, jaqueta Track & Field e tênis Nike.

Juju Coelho Pinto wearing Track & Field long sleeve t-shirt, Track & Field Legging, Track & Field jacket and Nike sneakers.

The main difficulty in losing weight is in food. Sometimes we can not regulate our day with times to eat, when we are out we do not have control with things a little greasier and so on. So I decided to include in my foods that accelerate the metabolism, that is, help burn calories a bit more quickly.

The foods that most help in this process are rich in protein, iron, zinc, and selenium such as chicken breast, seafood, and nuts. Among others such as ginger, mint, pepper, coffee, tea, and coconut oil.

Alimentos que aceleram o metabolismo. Foto: Google

Foods that speed up metabolism. Photo: Google

I started replacing the common oil with coconut oil at the time of some meal, started to drink mint and ginger tea and even the coffee. But an addendum, coffee in large quantities can do harm too, it is that saying “everything in excess does bad”, and it applies well to coffee, so if you follow this advice, limit yourself to a quantity indicated by your nutritionist per day, especially if you have a problem with ulcer or heart, for example.

My lunches came to be more accompanied by salad and fewer carbohydrates. Water is also a great help for those who want to lose weight and leaves are one of the largest sources of edible water that exists, invest more in the salad with chicken breast, for example, if you want to lose weight more easily.

And do not forget, just change food and not change your habits, become more active and less sedentary, no use!

Of course, these tips are just tips, if you really want to make a diet and a workout tailored for you, talk to a nutritionist and personal trainer, so your needs are met without harming you.

For today it’s just my loves, I’ll tell you a little more about how I lost weight in those 25 days and also tell the final result of it all!

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