#Juju25days: Intermittent fasting

Juju workout at the park

Hello my loves! As you read in the last post about my challenge I am facing some crazy diets to stay in shape in those 25 days. I decided to test a super popular diet among celebrities which is that of intermittent fasting.

Fasting works like this: you get the maximum amount of time without eating and when you eat, it makes a balanced diet. During fasting ingesting water and unsweetened teas is allowed and in cases of extreme hunger one may eat an apple that has negative calorie or a cracker of salt water. The ideal is to practice this fasting at night for two reasons, the first is that you sleep, and you can not feel hungry if you are sleeping, and the second is that our metabolism works slower at night, so whatever ing time will be digested much more slowly.

I’m doing a 16hrs fast and beyond it I take my supplement doses, 2 bcaa in the morning, and exercise to help speed up my metabolism during the day. It’s being difficult but the results are great!

It is important to remind you that all these diets require the help of professionals so that we do not damage our health, so do not forget to consult one 🙂

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