Juju Coelho using Easy sim 4U

Easy Sim 4U: The necessary ease in your trip

Does anyone here remember a moment in life when there was no internet facility? It’s really hard to remember, but I believe that, like me, they lived in an age when the internet, which is so recent, was not part of our routine, but today it’s basically impossible to live without. Especially when it comes to travel.

When you travel to some unknown place depending on your common data package, or even without the internet, your life is hampered at an extreme level. Accessing maps, searching for places, and even communicating with other people is virtually impossible. That’s why I came here to give you a golden tip, the solution to this problem: Easy Sim 4U.

Easysim4u, the easiest way to communicate abroad. Photo: Google.

Easysim4u, the easiest way to communicate abroad. Photo: Google.

The Easy Sim 4U is nothing less than an international chip that you buy while still in your country of origin and use during your trip. In my case, wherever I go I use easysim4u. It’s super practical: you buy, choose your plan, set the activation date and you’re done. Just travel peacefully after that.

To get yours, simply go to the site that will soon direct you to the plans available. There you can choose between data packets only or voice and data. There is the possibility to choose only for a selected country, Europe or the world. Plans start at $ 37, including data with no daily limit and, when voice option is selected, unlimited calls.

plan and prices Easysim4u. Photo: Google

plan and prices Easysim4u. Photo: Google

The best thing about hiring the Easy Sim 4U is that in addition to the data and voice package, you have access to exclusive support of the company, no matter where you are and can choose to remove your chip in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Orlando. If you want to receive it at home, this is the most comfortable option and you should make your purchase well in advance.

It is always good to remember that when you set the date of activation of the chip, you have to choose between 5 and 30 days for the operation. After this period your chip will be deactivated again and will not generate any additional cost.

It’s worth it, I use it and point it out. Your journey will be a thousand times more comfortable and profitable.

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