Jefree Star | Photo: Jefree Star Cosmetics

The cosmetics market is increasingly accessible and close to Brazil, we recently celebrated the arrival of the North American brand Too Faced and today is a day to celebrate the arrival of Jefree Star Cosmetics.

Jefree Star, the designer of the brand, says that she was always very passionate about makeup and at the age of 10 began reproducing the looks she saw in the major fashion magazines and also “stealing” her mother’s makeup. From this, Jefree worked in makeup kiosks, and freelancer also worked with various celebrities. So he started developing lipsticks for his own use and then decided to invest in the cosmetics market.

The brand is very popular for its matte lipsticks that are very dry, that bring unusual colors and last a lot on the lips and also by the power and colors of its illuminators. Plus all the products are vegan and not tested on animals, it’s supposed to die of same loves, is not it?

A new collection of makeup is being developed and Jefree promises new colors that will make our jaws drop. Who is already anxious there? I loved the news and I’m already setting up my wishlist! Tell me what you found, too!

Jefree Star | Photo: Jefree Star Cosmetics

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