Clinique: 5 Products must have to take care of your skin

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Clinique was the first cosmetic brand developed by dermatologists and is currently one of the most renowned in skincare in the world. It was the first brand in the beauty industry to create anti-allergy and fragrance-free cosmetics. In addition to the renowned line of products for skin care, it also has a tradition in its portfolio of makeup and perfumes, all with their incredible quality. The brand is considered number 1 in the American market.

Who likes to take care of the skin and knows the Clinique knows that the products are really effective, so I decided to bring 5 wild products to those who want to know and invest in the right products to improve their skincare routine.

Moisturizing Lotions

Moisturizing is an essential step for perfect skin and I believe the biggest difficulty is finding a suitable moisturizer for each type of skin and that is really effective, Clinique cares about each type of skin, so it is very easy to find moisturizers for dry, mixed and oily skins.

Liquid and exfoliating soaps

Just like the moisturizers the brand offers other products for all skin types, which is great because this way your treatment is easier using the right products. Products for dry skin tend to moisturize more as well as those for oily skin are focused on the control of oiliness and acnes.

Products with solar protection

Going a little away from the cleaning focus, Clinique is also very concerned with skin protection and has developed several products with sun protection, whether they are transparent creams or makeup, which end up making it time to pack up much faster and more practical.

Anti-Signaling Treatments

The brand offers a complete treatment, thinking about the past problems takes care of the present and part for the prevention of everything that we do not like. They have a wide range of antiseptic products that are great for us youngsters who still have nothing to invest, so it slows down aging and everyone around us will think we’re sleeping in the formaldehyde. Those who already have lines of expression should also invest in these products, although they do not disappear 100% with them, will help soften and give a rejuvenated effect.


Clinique make-ups are not any make-up, they are dermatologically tested and the only ones proven with 100% effectiveness that are hypoallergenic, that is, you can wear them without fear! It is worth investing because they are makeup that we know they are taking care of our skin while we have our moment of vanity and very advised for those who have problems with acnes because they are products with little lead, which is highly toxic to our skin.

If you liked the tips and decided to test the products leave here in the comments your opinion, I will love to know! And enjoy to buy my darlings, just click on the shopping cart below:

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