Nyx Cosmetics announces the closure of its activities in Brazil

Who is a fan of makeup will understand the pain we are feeling, Nyx had been in Brazil for a long time and had two phases, the first and most lasting was through kiosks scattered around shopping malls across the country and the second, also the briefest, were the three physical stores in São Paulo, two in Rio de Janeiro and some kiosks still scattered throughout Brazil.

The North American brand was quite successful here because of its strong and vibrant pigments, always bringing news. Unfortunately, in the middle of last year, the stocks were running out and very little came to replace, maybe this was the biggest sign that the brand was not doing well on Brazilian soil.

The announcement was made by Instagram and the post said ” Thank you from the heart for all the joy, energy, passion and enthusiasm to all who welcomed us here. looks along with you, who embraced our brand with so much love. “

Until 24/04 the shops will be open with discounts of up to 50% on all products that are still in stock, it is worthwhile to spend there and leave your last goodbye.

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that Nyx comes back someday to make the joy of Brazilian fans and makeup artists. The professional brand is one of the most taken into account here for us and the quality has always been impeccable.

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