Clays: How to know which one is right for you?

Clay is a mineral compound taken directly from the soil, composed of aluminum, silica and water. It is widely used in skin treatments and brings many benefits such as:

  • Tune and lighten the skin
  • Promote an exfoliation
  • Absorb any impurity and toxin
  • Activate circulation
  • Absorb oiliness
  • It’s antibacterial
  • Soften the skin

There are several types of clays and each one has its function, I decided to bring the most popular and how they are used:

  • White Clay: It is indicated for sensitive and dry skin. Recommended for bleaching of blemishes and smoothing of expression lines.
  • Yellow Clay: Prevents premature aging and is also indicated for bleaching blemishes. It is also known for its power to relieve pain.
  • Green Clay: It has healing effect, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and also serves as soothing and relaxing to the skin. Suitable for acne skin.
  • Pink Clay: It has soothing, relaxing and antioxidant action. It is suggested for sensitive skin, as it is able to restore elasticity, enhance glow and softness.
  • Red Clay: Helps stimulate circulation, acts as a moisturizer and combats aging, smoothing lines of expression and increasing skin brightness.
  • Gray Clay: It has anti-inflammatory action and is also used to combat swelling.
  • Black Clay: Activates circulation and acts as a decongestant, anti-inflammatory, and healing.

How to use?

The clays are easily found in natural markets and perfumeries, some in their original shape, powder, and others already prepared ready for use. To activate a powdered clay, simply add one tablespoon of clay and about three tablespoons of water, mix until you get a homogeneous cream and apply under the skin. After applying always have a sprayer with water or thermal water and keep the clay mask moist for about 20 minutes on the skin, so your skin can absorb all the nutrients and benefits offered by the mask. The same should be done with the clay that is already ready for use, just apply and keep it moist.

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