Best months to get to know Mexico

Everyone has been taken away by their own will someday, so that it is not more important and has a list of great months to visit Mexico.

This does not apply to many times of the climate changes, without in Mexico it does not very much a variation of temperature during the seasons. In a year goes from 0 ° C to 22 ° C, which ends up changing somewhat the preference of tourist points in year times and, inevitably, prices.

 In January we have a predominance of a colder climate because it is a winter month. At that time there is even the possibility of snow in the country that is very much expected by tourists who go to the country in search of an icy and beautiful experience.

 February is the end of the winter season, although it is good to go prepared with cold clothes, it is always advisable to leave with something less hot under the layers of clothing, as the temperature can rise during the early afternoon and you will feel warm.

Speaking at the beginning of the year, January and February are considered the driest months due to the lack of rain and the low temperatures.

 Already in March / April the spring begins and stretches until the month of June, with its charm and cooler mornings with long and hot days with little rain. These months are great for those who plan to travel less paying not to come across crowded sights.

 In June / July the summer begins, it is school vacation, this means that everything is more expensive and full. It is a very rainy season of the year, which greatly improves the quality of the air, even so, it is not raining so devastating that you cancel a ride, just leave always accompanied by an umbrella. This climate remains until the month of September.

 Autumn comes as spring, the months of September to November are pleasant, much less rainy, and with it a little drier than spring. It is also considered one of the best times to travel to Mexico, especially for the holiday of November 2, one of the most important in Mexico: The Day of the Dead.

 At the end of November, the winter season begins again. In this period it is customary to find ice rinks in the cities and places like the Bosque de Chapultepec are even more beautiful. It is also very common to see Christmas trees and incredible decorations.

 When it comes to such a versatile place, I think it is a person’s preference for a cold or hot holiday, but in my view the best months to get to know the city are the terms, during the fall or spring: April, May, September, and October. These months allow you a more pleasant climate and greater possibility to visit the sights calmly.

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