Meet Pujol, a renowned restaurant in Mexico City

The Pujol was founded by Enrique Olvera 19 years ago in Mexico City at 800 meters from the National Museum of Anthropology. It Delights the most critical palates in the world, from vegans to those who do not eat gluten, and certainly mine!

One of the 50 best restaurants in the world ranking, Pujol occupies the 13th position with its high Mexican gastronomy.

It’S impossible to visit Mexico City without wanting to know this place they’re talking about. I had the opportunity to meet and I’m sure it’s worth the following reading to learn more about this amazing experience. And visit too.

 Olvera, today at 43 years old, is formed in New York, but his first dishes were made in dinners for friends and his parents. That’S how the world began to meet the incredible chef who was behind that man.

He himself said, in one of the episodes of Chef’s Table on Netflix, to have suffered quite in the beginning, since in Mexico there is a great prejudice in relation to the profession, but with head held forward and today his kitchen, even modern, does not abandon the Natural ingredients of classic Mexican cuisine.

The Restaurant Lounge is also beautiful and is well organized and cozy, although it is a small place. It’s a blend of chic and relaxed. You can try the tasting menu that is updated from three to three months observing the beautiful view of nature around the restaurant or make a reservation in the extensive “Barra de Tacos”, a taco bar that accommodates up to 12 people.

The Place Menu is based on your belief that where you find the best ingredients for beautiful dishes is in nature, so do not use artificial ingredients or with gluten. There are two options for those who visit the restaurant: the menu 01, Which is composed of ingredients from the earth and has as main the various types of maize children’s Museum explored in Mexico, includes dishes like open Papadzul of Quintoniles and a café Tamale. The 02 menus are prepared with seafood and you can taste from a delicious fish Ceviche to a more complex octopus with pickles and carrots. It is important to emphasize that the chef takes full care of its ingredients, without attacking them or altering its flavor, it just highlights the flavors. Which makes the experience even more singular.

Besides being extremely tasty, the presentation of the dishes is beautiful and conceptual.

Henrique proves in his gastronomy that what makes an amazing dish is not the amount of fat he uses but the quality of spices and ingredients.

It is certainly worth separating a little while on your journey to enjoy a unique moment like this. After all, it’s not any restaurant.

It was an immense pleasure and an unrivaled experience to be in this amazing restaurant of a renowned and award-winning chef like Henrique Olvera. I am Still speechless for this experience, I am very grateful to open your kitchen to me and no doubt I wish to return more often.

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