Meet The Hotel St. Regis in Mexico City

The St Regis in Mexico City, voted the best hotel in the city, is located on Av Paseo de la Reforma, neighborhood Colonia Cauahtemoc. One of the most important avenues of the city, is 12km away and was named after the important political changes that occurred in the city.

The hotel is very well located, close to the most famous sights of the Mexican city. They are only four blocks separating the Hotel from the Chapultepec castle, Tamoyos museum, museum of modern art and squares that surround the Reformation.

Around the hotel you can find many highly reputed bars and restaurants, shops and also many attractions, such as the monument Angél de la Independence. Besides the tower with more than 46 m in height, where it is possible to see the whole avenue from the top.

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The St Regis Hotel is one of the most beautiful architectures the city has, as well as being an extremely tall and colorful building. For it is practically all built in glass.

With impeccable interior, everything designed to make you feel at home, comfortable and have all the luxury you need in one place. It is a wonderful hotel, both outside and inside. Not the will to leave!

In addition to all the comfort, your pet is allowed. That is, you do not have to leave your furry at home to enjoy the holidays, he can go with you. It has all the necessary support your pet needs while there.

Service is impeccable. Everyone here is very attentive and every day I came across chocolate bars and pampering on my pillow.

There are three choices of rooms, deluxe with a king size bed, deluxe with two queen beds and also the bedroom with a king size bed. They are more or less the same standard, with beds, TV, sofas and also a table for work. Also, the louder, the more wonderful the view you will get from the entire city. The rooms are extremely comfortable and have everything you need within reach.

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All are carpeted, to make the environment even more cozy and warm on cold days.

At the hotel itself you will find the complete spa service with relaxing massages, drainage and everything else you need to fully relax. The spa staff is very friendly, always ready to greet you with the best smile and care you can imagine.

Next to the spa you will also find the fitness center, so you do not have to worry about your body when eating at all the wonderful restaurants. The gym is large and has very new equipment, very well maintained and complete for you to train well.

And you will need the gym because inside the hotel you can enjoy restaurants that are open for lunch and dinner. Some need specific attire, such as the French for formal attire. It is important to remember to make reservations before going to these restaurants, to ensure all comfort and convenience. They are restaurants with impeccable and delicious meals!

And finally has a very nice leisure area, with swimming pool so you can attend both on hot days and cold days. Because the pool also possesses the possibility of lukewarm water for the days that are colder, so you can enjoy it all the time, not just on very hot days.

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